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Pretty Takes Practice, A Southern Woman’s Search for the Real Meaning of Beauty

For an average working mom like Charla, going on a book tour was both intimidating and exciting.  It also turned out to be horrifying.  When she saw herself on the screen in glorious, unforgiving HD, it magnified all her flaws, prompted comments from her unadoring fans, and forced her to reevaluate her (lack of) exercise regimen.

But Charla was jolted into action and used that cringe-inducing close-up as a wake-up call.  After shedding a few tears over how she’d let herself go (and over the five-year-old discount sweater she wore on Oprah), she set out on a strange, hilarious and poignant journey that tapped into and tested her values, her beliefs about beauty, her self-image, and of course her relationship with her mother.

In this lively, funny, moving account, a Southern woman shares stories she swore she’d never tell – and ultimately offers some unexpected and universal insight about how pretty takes practice.


Photo credit: Megan Gielow 2014